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Following the decision of the Country Coordinating Mechanism for the programs financed by the Global Fund, the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation ensures the technical secretariat for the [...] Read more

TB World Day 2011 website launched by STOP TB Partnership

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Success Stories

HIV Prevention Among Prisoners, Professional Challenges...Lessons of LifeHIV Prevention Among Prisoners, Professional Challenges...Lessons of Life

February 1st, 2010Until a few years ago, the situation of the HIV and hepatitis B and C infections in the penitentiary system was considered taboo. Starting with 2004 however, the [...] Read more

A successfull Method of Preventing TB, Applied by The Center of Health Politics and ServicesA successfull Method of Preventing TB, Applied by The Center of Health [...]

August 1st, 2008According to the opinion of many health specialists, tuberculosis represents the real disease of the century… Not but that the bacillus that causes this disease was [...] Read more


  • January 2010

    "...The feed back received from the prisoners after these informing sessions, the interest for messages linked to HIV transmission, to drugs, to other sexually transmitted infections, gave us the hope that both inside and outside penitenciaries, after their release, the prisoners will avoid behavior at risk and will be aware about their risk of exposure in different daily life context."

    - Manuelei Iftimoaei, national project coordinator for Initiative 38 project, Close to You Foundation, Iasi

  • January 2010

    "...despite the fact that it isn't an environment to make you want to stay, the time spent there (in the penitenciaries) makes you understand that there is something good in each person...The fact that they've been trusted makes them belive in their future and the implication that we're waiting from them will be more important..".

    - Simona Butu, trainer for health at Mures branch of Close to You Foundation, lector in "Initiative 38" Program for penitenciaries