Partners and Supporters

Partners and Supporters

Yearly, in the world, over 6 million children, youngsters and adults die of AIDS and Tuberculosis.

Romania registered over 17.000 HIV cases. Over 4.000 children and adults died out of AIDS. The number of new cases increases on a yearly basis especially among youngsters.

There is an increase of the number of youngsters who use drugs exposing to the HIV infection.

On the other hand, 7.000 of HIV teenagers infected before 1991 still need medicines and care, but also other support services, access to the social inclusion services, professional orientation, support for graduating the studies, jobs and a non-discriminating society.

The Tuberculosis is also one of the destructive diseases. Daily in our country, 70 people get the tuberculosis and other 7 die out of it. More and more people in Romania developed the tuberculosis resistant to the usual medicines.

Both diseases have a major impact on the lives of the infected people and their families and produces serious social problems. Anytime, any of us or any of the ones beloved can be affected by one of these diseases.

So that this thing can not happen, we have to unit our forces, to learn to work together, to prevent and to help the ones who face now the disease.

This section of the web-site is dedicated to the organizations, companies, institutions, local an central authorities and for any other person who understood to join us and to support the brave intervention presented in this website.

Anyone of us can contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS or Tuberculosis!

To find out how you can offer support you can contact us to! We would be honored to present you us partners and supporters!

The following companies have became partners and supporters: