Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation (RAA) is the Principal Recipient of the two grants (HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis) approved for funding by the Global Fund within the 6th call for proposals.

Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation was set up in 1991 by the Beatles members' wives and Elton John under the mission of helping the abandoned children from the Romanian institutions including the HIV/AIDS ones. Subsequently, RAA succeeded to attract an important number of partners and supporters, among whom Foundation Franco Moschino from Italy which became the strategic partner of RAA during the past ten years.

RAA's current activity is based on five main directions:

  1. Programs designed for improving the life quality for children and youngsters affected by chronic diseases having a discrimination and social exclusion risk. It is made by carrying out projects for developing the quality of medical services, psycho-social support and prevention programs: "Sun Flower - Smile" Day Clinic Network, the Network of the HIV Testing and Counseling Centers, the organization of the greatest program in Romania of HIV prevention from mother to child transmission (16 counties and Bucharest), etc.
  2. Research activity by coordinating clinic studies on evaluation of the efficiency for different therapeutic schemes for HIV infected children (partner in the studies coordinated by the European Pediatric Network PENTA) and by being one of the partners of the TEDDY European Network (Task-force in Europe for Drug Development for the Young).
  3. Training activity both in residential and distance learning type: organization of over 200 training sessions as residential learning type and development of the first e-learning platform with a number of over 40.000 subscribed users (students)
  4. Consultancy in the East-European Region for the non-governmental and governmental sectors for different expertise area such ass: programmatic monitoring-evaluation, procurement and financial management systems, communication, project management, networks of medical, social and prevention services.
  5. Grant Implementer and Administrator (Principal Recipient) for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis programs financed by Global Fund under the 6th Round.

Each of the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation's 18 years of activity represented a reference in the interventions for improving the quality of the HIV/AIDS patients' care and limiting the disease. An evidence for this is given by the over 100.000 beneficiaries from 23 counties where RAA developed and improved prevention, treatment and psycho-social support programs.

As it was always preoccupied by the services provided, RAA was the first non-governmental organization that implemented and certified the ISO 9001:2001 quality management system. This accreditation adds value to the professionalism that the Foundation proved to the beneficiaries and partners.

RAA Foundation is an NGO implementing the Code of Good Practice for the representants of the Civil Society active in HIV/AIDS area. For its periodically assessment are used Self-assessment Toolkits of the Code, following several interventional areas (advocacy, children and HIV, counselling for HIV testing, Voluntary Counseling and Testing, HIV prevention, etc).

As a member of the National Commission for HIV/AIDS Surveillance and Control and of the National Committee for Coordination of the Global Fund for fight against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, RAA encouraged and concluded sustainable partnerships with both governmental institutions and civil society representatives based on cooperation, transparency and professionalism. In the same time RAA actively fights for non-discrimination and social exclusion and is one of the promoters of the multidisciplinary assistance for persons affected by chronic diseases having a discrimination and social exclusion risk.

Find more about Foundation Romanian Angel Appeal on www.raa.ro !