Population Services International Romania (PSI Romania)

Population Services International Romania (PSI Romania)

PSI represents in fact a global network, present in 50 countries.

PSI Romania represents a non - profit organization founded in 1998, as a branch of the global network, having the mission of improving the state of health of Romanians from the vulnerable categories or the ones with small incomes. The approach of the population is realized by innovating strategies of social marketing, PSI promoting healthy behaviors and distributing products at accessible prices. These products are meant to facilitate the practice of some healthy behaviors.

An example in this sense is represented by the program for youth I do what I want but I know what I am doing (Fac ce vreau dar stiu ce fac) which encourages the adoption of a sexual responsible behavior among young people, fighting for encouraging of frequent use of condom and testing for ITS. The condoms and lubricant produced by PSI Romania are commercialized at medium prices and the incomes are for the finance of some projects that encourage change of behavior.

The programs set the sight on the community LGBT, motivating the leaders of the community MSM from 10 cities to transmit in the communities they come from messages of reduction of risks in the same purpose the messages on the internet are promoted, by a dedicated portal, an electronic bulletin and a website that contains information and recommendations regarding the sexual health of MSM.

In the 6th Round, PSI Romania intends to implement the following types of activities: by the partnership with ACCEPT, PSI Romania will address the main individual obstacles and interpersonal ones from the sexual healthy behaviors of men who make sex with men (MSM) and will try to change the social and community determinants that contribute to their risky behaviors .

PSI will implement two projects:

  1. Research: A study of research with MSM in Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj, Tirgu Mures, Timisoara, Craiova, Constanta, Galati, Iasi and Buzau;
  2. Behavior intervention:
  • Trainings in small groups and community events in the 10 cities
  • Web-portal, newsletter and outreach on the Internet
  • Networks of peer-support for MSM living with HIV

PSI Romania and ACCEPT expect that, at the end of the 3 years of implementation of the project financed by the Global Fund, the use of condom and uptake of HIV testing in MSM persons will increase with 15%.

Find out more about PSI Romania on www.psi.ro !