In this section you will be able to find information on all the organizations and institutions that participate to the implementation of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis programs financed by Global Fund within the 6th Round 6.

Among the sub-recipient organizations can be noticed both government institutions as well as professional non-government organizations that had been developing (some for more than 15 years) in Romania projects and providing services for patients living with HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. In the same time, among the sub-recipients are also organizations of people living with HIV/AIDS that carry out programs of social integration, socio-professional and advocacy.

These organizations' efforts and work must be acknowledged and supported because they do have a contribution to limiting the HIV and Tuberculosis transmission in Romania and to increasing the life quality for those affected.

In case you would like to support our programs and to contribute to the efforts on prevention or on programs of care and support for children, youth and adults living with HIV/AIDS or for patients with cu Tuberculosis, we hereby invite you to join as Partners and Supporters!

For more information visit the web-site section "Partners and Supporters" or contact the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation on !