The Global Fund in Romania

The Global Fund in Romania

The grants approved for Romania by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria constitute a major support in the increase of the national capacity of response against the two epidemics (HIV/AIDS and TB). These funds are used for consolidating and scalling up the prevention programs but also the services for caring those affected.

Many of the activities currently funded by the Global Fund in Romania are innovative programs for vulnerable and hard to reach populations (some became meanwhile intervention models within the Eastern Europe region) most of these being initiated and develped by non-governmental organizations.

It is essential that all of these programs financed at present by the Global Fund can be continued through financing out of national contribution. If this thing does not happen, and the funds necessary for the prevention interventions and for treatment, monitoring, caring of the persons affected by HIV and Tuberculosis are not allocated according to the real needs, Romania will confront during the next years with increased levels of the two epidemics, in spite of the national efforts and international support received during all these years.

The real partnership between the governmental sector and the non-governmental one is also essential for the ensurance of the success of the interventions dedicated to the HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis control.

The countries whose governments understood this thing ald allocated corresponding funds for the assistance and prevention interventions developed by non-governmental organizations, thus recognizing in a real mode their role of partners, succeeded in limiting the effects of the two epidemics.

The decision factors from the level of the Ministry of Health and of the Government, but also the representatives of the local authorities in Romania must learn from these examples, involve more and allocate corresponding funds for the continuation and extension of these programs.

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History of the Grants:

Romania applied for being financed by the Global Fund within the 2nd Financing Round in 2003 and within the 6th Financing Round in 2006. The financing applications submitted by Romania through the National Committee for the Coordination of the Programs Financed by the Global Fund were realized through the contribution of the organizations belonging to the non-governmental sector and of the governmental institutions responsible with the implementation of the national strategies in the field of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.

In June 2003, Romania became the recipient of the two grants approved by the Global Fund within the 2nd Financing Round: one grant for the treatment and the control of the HIV epidemics and another for the treatment and control of Tuberculosis. Nine months later from the signing of the two grant agreements with the Global Fund, the Ministry of Health - the Main Recipient of the financing, was signing the first agreements of sub-financing with the implementory organizations.

A series of institutions but mainly non-governmental organizations whose programs and projects proved efficacity and efficience, became implementors within the program financed by the Global Fund through the Ministry of Health. The grants corresponding to the 2nd Financing Round aggregated 26,861,313.00 USD for the HIV/AIDS component and 16,743,641.00 USD for Tuberculosis, for the period 2004 - 2008. Updated information about the result of these programs, about implementors and the progress of the activities they develop can be accessed on the site of the Unit for Implementation of the Programs Financed by the Global Fund in the Ministry of Public Health (Section Annual Reports).

In 2006, the National Committee for the Coordination of the Programs Financed by the Global Fund, on the basis of the financial deficit for the control of the two epidemics in Romania, decided to apply for a new financing round organized by the Global Fund - 6th Round. Both financing requests submitted were approved, the grants following to be implemented by the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation selected and appointed by the National Committee to fulfill the role of a Main Recipient for the programs financed by the Global Fund under the 6th Round.

In May and respectively September 2007 the Global Fund concluded with the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation the grant agreements for the first stage (the first 2 years) of the HIV/AIDS program, respectively Tuberculosis. The financing approved for the first stage of the 6th Round represent 9,338,352.00 USD for the HIV/AIDS component and 5,212,177.00 USD for Tuberculosis.

More information about the grants given to Romania by the Global Fund, their progress and other relevant documents can be also accessed from the page of the Global Fund - section dedicated to Romania: