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Together, we can create lasting change and bring hope and support to those in need. We encourage you to be a part of this transformative movement and support us in our efforts to build a better community for all. Every contribution counts and we are grateful for your support.

Let’s do great things together!

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Donate by bank card

Support the foundation’s activity by transferring an amount to the bank account.

Beneficiary: Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation
Fiscal code: 7274690
IBAN RON: RO50BRDE441SV02568174410 – LEI account
EURO IBAN: RO35BRDE441SV31765474410 – EURO account
IBAN USD: RO08BRDE441SV31765044410 opened at BRD Groupe Societe Generale.

Legal entities can request a Sponsorship Contract for the donated amount.


Redirects 3.5% of your power for good

Each year you have the power to choose what to do with some of your money. Each year you can choose to redirect up to 3.5% of your state income tax to a cause and organization you believe in. It costs you nothing. For us, your gesture gives us the opportunity to continue the activity at the same level of quality that you are used to.

How can you redirect?

  1. Access the link and complete the online form, directly HERE.
  2. Or download and complete the unedited FORM 230 HERE.

Then send us the scanned document to simina.dumitrache@raa.ro.

The form can be completed if you had income from:

  • Salaries and similar to salaries or pensions
  • Independent activities: agricultural, on the basis of sports activity contracts, intellectual property rights or real estate rental on the basis of the contract.

Name: Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation – Romanian Angel Appeal
Fiscal identity code: 7274690
Bank Code (IBAN): RO27BRDE441SV31762724410
You can choose to redirect either the tax due for 2022 or the tax due for the entire period 2022-2023. For this, check the box of “Option regarding the distribution of the amount for a period of 2 years *)”

For the companies


Donate 20% of your profit tax

According to the provisions of Law no. 571/2003, regarding the Fiscal Code, amended by GEO no. 102/2013 (art. 21, paragraph 4, letter p) and Law no. 32/1994, regarding sponsorship, with subsequent amendments and additions, taxpayers who carry out sponsorships and/or acts of patronage as well as those who grant private scholarships, according to the law, deduct from the profit tax due, the related amounts within the minimum limit specified below:

  1. Three thousandths of the turnover, for situations where the applicable accounting regulations do not define the “turnover” indicator, this limit is determined according to the rules.
  2. 20% of the profit tax due. The amounts that are not deducted from the profit tax, according to the provisions of this letter, are carried forward in the next 7 consecutive years. The recovery of these amounts will be carried out in the order of their registration, under the same conditions, at each profit tax payment term.

Considering the new fiscal changes, please contact us at simina.dumitrache@raa.ro or 0733 315 415 to be able to discuss the updated method by which the sponsorship can be carried out.



Romanian legislation allows companies to get involved from a financial point of view in social responsibility activities.
More and more companies are adopting and integrating the concept of social responsibility into their business strategies. The benefits of companies can be found, both in terms of success and in the appreciation of the community in which they operate:

  • Building a brand that employees can be proud of.
  • A good reputation among the authorities, the media, partners and the community in which it operates.
  • Differentiating from the competition and gaining brand loyalty.

How companies can get involved in RAA projects:

  1. Direct sponsorships through a sponsorship contract.
  2. Initiating social marketing campaigns.
  3. Involvement of employees in various activities.

We can think of projects together that bring added value, both for the company and for the employees. For more details, you can contact us at 0733 315 415 or at the e-mail address: simina.dumitrache@raa.ro