Silvia Asandi

Silvia Asandi

General Director

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I’ve always had a strong desire to work in an NGO, to see, learn, and then return to the hospital, the place I came from. In the end, I chose to work at the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, alongside the most compassionate, creative, and professional people in my life, the individuals who make up the RAA team.

My expertise in the field of social and health programs has grown over the years working at the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, where I’ve overseen numerous projects and programs with national coverage. I’ve been involved in developing and promoting national policies in the field of epidemics impacting the population significantly. Over time, I’ve acquired certifications and competencies related to quality management and social and health programs.

I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1991, and since 1997, I’ve served as the CEO of the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation. I like to believe that “people make the place,” and that the most valuable asset of the RAA Foundation is its team.

It’s a team that has significantly contributed to improving the quality of services in the fields of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and autism, thereby giving thousands of children, youth, and adults affected by these diseases a chance. It’s a team where every individual is crucial to the mission of this special organization, born out of love for people and the desire to help them. Because we, the Romanian Angel Appeal team, have been doing just that for over thirty years: giving hope, healing, and love to our fellow human beings every day through our work, carrying forward the vision of our founders over the years.